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Profile Food Ingredients is proud to partner with JDB Enterprise

November 1, 2022

Profile Food Ingredients is proud to announce the partnership with JDB Enterprise to support and supply to Canadian customers effective January 1, 2022.

Profile (PFI) and JDB Enterprise will work together to serve the Canadian bakery, beverage, and dairy industries to bring future product innovation, while supporting our customer’s current products with supply options at competitive prices.

This collaboration will not only include Profile (PFI) and Holton Food Products (HFP) products already in the Canadian marketplace but enable JBD to offer your R&D teams our custom blends for further growth on a Canada wide basis.

JDB is based in Waterdown, Ontario, and will serve all provinces. JDB offers local Sales & Customer service, Technical Support, training options and local inventory accessibility when and where needed to ensure that Canadian food production teams and dairy plants can have onsite support and convenient purchasing options.

To learn more about JBD Enterprise, please contact Rick Hames at email

( or call 905-601-4808 and visit their website

To learn more about Profile Food Ingredients please visit our website

Together, PFI and JDB would like to become your added-value food ingredient supplier of choice!


Roald Mason

Director of Sales, NA Functional Blends



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