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QualiTru Sampling Systems is the trusted partner for accurate, aseptic inline, or silo/truck fluid sampling for over 3 decades in over 30 countries.


The aseptic sampling equipment has proven its value and today QualiTru sampling systems are used in a wide variety of industries that produce safe and quality products.



The importance of accurate samples for laboratory testing is vital to ensure a company’s safety and profitability. Choose QualiTru aseptic sampling equipment for simple, dependable product testing.​

Applications include product quality verification across the supply chain, inline aseptic process verification; bulk tank and silo quality checks; and aseptic sampling for microbiological testing. We also offer unique sampling applications from mastitis management on farms to side-truck sampling for safe, antibiotic testing. Quality Assurance Managers and farms can confidently use the four-part aseptic system to help obtain an inline representative or silo sample.


QualiTru products are manufactured and assembled by strategic partners who maintain the highest manufacturing standards for quality and professionalism in the industry. Though QualiTru’s products are not medical devices, we maintain high standards for quality for assembling our devices.


QualiTru Sampling Systems maintains 3-A Standard 63-04 certification. Our stainless steel products are manufactured at metal fabrication facilities with extensive experience in the machining processes needed to meet QualiTru’s standards for both 7-port & 12-port fittings. These products are manufactured under a rigorous quality system that incorporates ISO guidelines.


For the complete History, Products and Resources of our partner QualiTru, visit their website here 

PerkinElmer® Food Safety and Quality is committed to providing the innovative analytical tools needed to ensure the global supply of high-quality, safe and unadulterated foods. Our trusted partner for analytical instruments see their solutions utilized by food labs, manufacturers and developers throughout the food and beverage industry including:

  • Dairy

  • Grain

  • Processed Foods

  • Meat & Seafoods

  • Snack & Wholesale Bakeries

  • Contract testing sectors & Private Label manufacturers


We help labs and processors detect harmful levels of contaminants such as toxins, heavy metals, pathogens and pesticides, ensure accurate labeling and compliance with regulations around the globe, evaluate the quality of incoming raw materials and Ingredients prior to food processing, meet targets for nutritional content, maintain standards for flavor and aroma to sustain consistency in food and beverages and also to understand how food packaging effects the food it contains.

INDISCOPE ™is our newest test equipment to launch in Canada is aimed at bringing instant compositional test results (Butter Fat, Protein, MSNF) to the dairy farm community, especially those with on-site processing and/or Cooperatives supplying their collection/processing partners. 

INDISCOPE™is a miniature and portable Raw Milk Analyzer using FT-IR technology to bring results in 30 seconds and also detect predetermined Untargeted Adulterants (Water, Urea, Sugar, Maltodextrin, Ammonium Sulphate) to report “Abnormal Milk”. Our instrument is fast, rugged and dependable, it provides accurate results every time, and makes milk testing analysis efficient and reliable. INDISCOPE™ Easy-to-follow workflows make milk analysis straightforward and eliminates the need for specialized expertise onsite. JDB Enterprise looks forward to presenting dairy farmers an on-site demo on their own raw Cow’s or Buffalo Milk !!

JDB Enterprise is proud to call PerkinElmer® partners in helping others produce safe food and beverages for Canadian consumers and abroad. 


For the complete History, Products and Resources of our partner PerkinElmer® visit their website here