JDB Enterprise

JDB Enterprise was established in early 2021 beginning in partnership with QualiTru Sampling Systems (formerly QMI), of Oakdale, MN, USA to bring focus to Aseptic and Representative Sampling in Canada.

JDB Enterprise is now pleased to announce a new partnership with PerkinElmer®, an innovative and reliable analytical testing solutions firm that offers Dairy testing technologies for agility and innovation. PerkinElmer® is committed to helping dairy farmers, processors, and regulators authenticate and protect the integrity and quality of their products JDB Enterprise, along with QualiTru and now new partner PerkinElmer®, are aligned in their drive to meet industry sampling needs while providing a family-friendly working environment.


We bring new solutions to the table and offer the food & beverage industries the efficiency, reliability and high throughput that is critical to most Quality Assurance laboratories. We remain committed to offering rapid, reliable, user-friendly, and compliant solutions to our customers.

JDB Enterprise offers complete national distribution services to deliver the best sampling
expertise to the dairy, and other liquid, industries.

JDB Enterprise will continue to be responsive and provide personalized service, industry, and product knowledge with focus on keeping current with trends and regulations, transparency and excellent communications, as well as becoming an ethical partner in your business that cares and can be relied upon. JDB Enterprise will be a sales-driven organization that values relationships and going the extra mile for our customers.

JDB Enterprise will ensure fun and full participation within our areas of expertise and transfer our enthusiasm for quality products and high level of service to both our customers and suppliers alike, acquiring additional technical knowledge when and where needed to resolve our toughest challenges.

Together with QualiTru and PerkinElmer®, JDB Enterprise looks forward to bringing smarter tools and approaches to Quality Assurance Teams throughout Canada and becoming a leader in promoting a better Food Safety Culture and enhanced Risk Management standards to our customers nationally.