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Biography - Rick Hames


Over time, Rick has acquired a long set of skill sets and experiences that will allow JDB Enterprise to become a wholesale distributor with his values, passion and vision stamped upon it. Those skills include, but not limited to, Sales Management and National Sales Account experience, Customer & Logistic Management, Marketer, Importer, Exporter, Inventory Management, Commodity Specialist and Blender.

After 25 years in the food ingredient industry, Rick became a minority partner at Continental Ingredients Canada and was part of a team that created a sales driven, customer service oriented company in an ethical manner, specializing in Distribution channel sales.

Rick’s goal for JDB Enterprise is to ensure we add value to our customers, partners and industry alike by using astute business acumen, strategy, logistics and relationships in helping food & beverage manufactures produce quality, nutritious and safe products.


In supplying ideas, tools and knowledge that keeps them in the forefront of technology needed and expected today by consumers, we strive to bring a win-win relationship when introducing our partner’s capabilities to meet our customer’s needs.

Please see Rick’s LinkedIn page at

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